Learn by doing! Follow along as I document the world of AV programming.

I started this blog as a means to document my journey to become a better programmer. The world of AV programming was once a gated community where secrets were kept… but no longer!

With the push to adopt general programming languages and open-sourced tool-chains, the ability to program these systems is opening up to the world at large.

Why not explore it together!

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Baby escaping from sandbox

HTML5 + 4-series

We’ve already run into a couple things we need to be mindful of when using HTML5 and 4-series processors (see HTML5 XPanel for details about licensing and authentication). In this post, my goal is to break away from 3-series sandboxes and SIMPL Windows, so that means we’re moving into the realm of C# and Visual…

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In this post, we’re going to greatly simplify how we create touchpanel layouts: we’re going to ditch the Contract Editor and most of the CH5 components. I do think these tools have value in the right hands, but I want to explore going my own direction. We might reinvent some of their features, but I…

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HTML5 XPanel

At long last, Crestron has an updated XPanel that doesn’t rely on Adobe Flash! Unfortunately, there are some issues surrounding it regarding the licensing, but there is a free 60-day trial period that should hopefully get us through this series of posts!

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More Office Treasure!

The owner’s manual for the office microwave oven has been sitting on top of it for over a year now. I’m very tempted every time I see it sitting there to file it in the round filing cabinet. While I was waiting for my coffee to finish, I thumbed through it to see exactly how…

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