Learn by doing! Follow along as I document the world of AV programming.

I started this blog as a means to document my journey to become a better programmer. The world of AV programming was once a gated community where secrets were kept… but no longer!

With the push to adopt general programming languages and open-sourced tool-chains, the ability to program these systems is opening up to the world at large.

Why not explore it together!

Latest Posts

ATEM Mini Pro

Blackmagic Design makes some cool production switchers that are reasonably priced and work great. They even distribute an SDK to control them from Windows or Mac programs. Controlling from Crestron is tougher, but not impossible. Some third-party products have sprung up to make it easier, too. In this post, I’m going to walk through how…

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HTML5 Cleanup

The last post took me way too long to write (like an entire month), and I think it’s the format of trying to step through every single change, every single time that’s slowing me down. We’re going to be moving into program sizes where that just isn’t going to work. But before we make that…

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HTML5 Huddle Room

For our first room type, we’re going to program a very simple huddle room. It will focus around a PC-based codec that we won’t control directly. These spaces are typically low-cost and plentiful, but only allow 3 or 4 people to use them.

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