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HTML5 Huddle Room

For our first room type, we’re going to program a very simple huddle room. It will focus around a PC-based codec that we won’t control directly. These spaces are typically low-cost and plentiful, but only allow 3 or 4 people to use them.

Baby escaping from sandbox
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HTML5 + 4-series

We’ve already run into a couple things we need to be mindful of when using HTML5 and 4-series processors (see HTML5 XPanel for details about licensing and authentication). In this post, my goal is to break away from 3-series sandboxes and SIMPL Windows, so that… Read More

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VC-4: RHEL 8

The last time I wrote about VC-4, it was still based on Ubuntu 16.04. Crestron released an update around December 2020 that switched to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8. I cut my teeth on Red Hat Linux 5, and once we had faster DSL… Read More

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VC-4: Part 3

In the last part, we got an XPanel connected to our VC-4 room and made it change state a little. We aren’t going to add much in this part, just a few changes to make things a little nicer for us.

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VC-4: Part 2

In the last part, we got a program loaded to our VC-4 server, started it, and that’s all it did. This time, we’re going to add an XPanel so we can interact with the system.

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VC-4: Part 1

I’d like to write a program that explores VC-4 since it’s the only 4-series platform I’ll have access to for a while. And since VC-4 doesn’t run the logic engine, we get to program the whole thing in SIMPL#! Here’s a rough drawing of how… Read More

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VC-4: Part 0

I started to write a series of posts about programming on Crestron’s VC-4 platform, but realized I should probably back up and document how I got my VC-4 instance running.