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NetLinx: Modules

Using and writing modules has some tangible benefits: They are reusable code that we can polish over time They break up large programs into smaller, testable units They abstract away details we don’t need to worry about Grab the code for this post from the… Read More

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NetLinx: SNAPI

In this post, we’ll explore the Standard NetLinx API–or SNAPI, for short. This is one of those topics I didn’t fully embrace when I started programming AMX, but over time, I grew to appreciate the benefits of adhering to a standard. I’ve updated the touchpanel… Read More

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CH5: My Thoughts

After converting one minimal layout to CH5, I should be an expert, right? I purposely waited a week so that time would temper my emotions a bit (I was a little frustrated by the end of the last post). I wouldn’t say I’m going to… Read More