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CH5: Getting Started

I haven’t thought about Crestron’s HTML5 since attending Virtual Masters last year. At the time, I was very eager to learn the next generation of UI development. My enthusiasm was squelched a bit when I realized: I needed a TSW-xx60 panel to test with (CH5… Read More

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Easy Insurance for $10

I highly recommend purchasing an external SD card for your Crestron processor. They’re cheap and will increase the lifespan of the flash memory built into the processor. This one was only $10! You can even setup logging to write to it instead:

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CP3 vs CP4

I wanted to see how much faster the CP4 is versus the CP3, so I wrote a small benchmark program to count prime numbers between 2 and some number. I’ve added a FINDPRIMES command to the console so I can test a few ways. Here… Read More

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