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More Office Treasure!

The owner’s manual for the office microwave oven has been sitting on top of it for over a year now. I’m very tempted every time I see it sitting there to file it in the round filing cabinet. While I was waiting for my coffee… Read More

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This is a taboo topic, so I’m probably not going to broadcast this one across social media. I’m very fortunate. I earn decent money doing something I find interesting: programming. I don’t love sitting in front of a computer all day, but that’s where most… Read More

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Office Treasure!

I love going into our office and exploring our kitchen / break room / storage closet when I’m waiting for my coffee to brew. There are so many strange things we’ve held onto for who knows how long. Like today, I just noticed this nice… Read More

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Org Capture

I’ve been getting better at using Org Capture to keep a work journal (as in, actually remembering to write in it). It was especially useful during Crestron Masters to keep everything organized. Org is a very powerful tool, and I’ve found that working with the… Read More

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The Time I Almost Got Fired

Back in 2010, I had just started at a new company as a full-time AV programmer. I already had a couple years of AMX programming under my belt, and I’d just started getting the hang of Crestron and SIMPL Windows. Most of our engineering and… Read More

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Easy Insurance for $10

I highly recommend purchasing an external SD card for your Crestron processor. They’re cheap and will increase the lifespan of the flash memory built into the processor. This one was only $10! You can even setup logging to write to it instead:

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My employer purchased a CP4 for me to mess around with, and wow is this thing fast! File transfers are at least twice as fast. It’s hard to tell how much quicker it is since the progress window disappears almost immediately. I haven’t thrown any… Read More