P201 Projector Exam

You can grab this short example from my GitHub repository at https://github.com/kielthecoder/Full-Crestron-Examples. This was the class project / final exam for the Intermediate Crestron Programming class (that turned into P201). Getting Started Create a new .NET Framework 4.7 project, add the Crestron NuGet packages, then slim everything down to the bare essentials. I get everything … Continue reading P201 Projector Exam

Crestron Drivers

I just finished watching all the videos for the C# for Crestron - Crestron Drivers online course and feel like I absorbed very little of it. The driver abstraction seems overly complicated, and the overall presentation of their videos is very dull. I like to contrast them with Q-SYS videos which are short and focused … Continue reading Crestron Drivers