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Analyzing Web Traffic

I have another website at that isn’t used for much. But I was curious who might be visiting it and where they come from. I’m not doing any cookies or session tracking, so I only have the server log files to go off of.… Read More

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VC-4: RHEL 8

The last time I wrote about VC-4, it was still based on Ubuntu 16.04. Crestron released an update around December 2020 that switched to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8. I cut my teeth on Red Hat Linux 5, and once we had faster DSL… Read More

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Merging .pacnew Files

I have a couple Linodes running. My mail server is powered by Arch Linux, and I always forget to check if new configuration updates need to be applied. I’m not a professional IT admin, so when things are working, I tend to leave well enough… Read More