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HTML5 Cleanup

The last post took me way too long to write (like an entire month), and I think it’s the format of trying to step through every single change, every single time that’s slowing me down. We’re going to be moving into program sizes where that… Read More

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HTML5 Huddle Room

For our first room type, we’re going to program a very simple huddle room. It will focus around a PC-based codec that we won’t control directly. These spaces are typically low-cost and plentiful, but only allow 3 or 4 people to use them.

Baby escaping from sandbox
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HTML5 + 4-series

We’ve already run into a couple things we need to be mindful of when using HTML5 and 4-series processors (see HTML5 XPanel for details about licensing and authentication). In this post, my goal is to break away from 3-series sandboxes and SIMPL Windows, so that… Read More

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In this post, we’re going to greatly simplify how we create touchpanel layouts: we’re going to ditch the Contract Editor and most of the CH5 components. I do think these tools have value in the right hands, but I want to explore going my own… Read More

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HTML5 XPanel

At long last, Crestron has an updated XPanel that doesn’t rely on Adobe Flash! Unfortunately, there are some issues surrounding it regarding the licensing, but there is a free 60-day trial period that should hopefully get us through this series of posts!

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Contract Editor

The Contract Editor is a tool released by Crestron to put an end to arbitrary join numbers. Of course, there’s NO documentation, so figuring it out is left up to us!

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Create an HTML5 Layout

Earlier this year I experimented with Crestron’s HTML5 offering (dubbed CH5) and felt several pieces were lacking: Decent looking components Documentation Ability to test using an XPanel Now that we’re well past Masters 2021, my hopes of a clear understanding of the CH5 framework still… Read More