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Baby escaping from sandbox
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HTML5 + 4-series

We’ve already run into a couple things we need to be mindful of when using HTML5 and 4-series processors (see HTML5 XPanel for details about licensing and authentication). In this post, my goal is to break away from 3-series sandboxes and SIMPL Windows, so that… Read More

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In this post, we’re going to greatly simplify how we create touchpanel layouts: we’re going to ditch the Contract Editor and most of the CH5 components. I do think these tools have value in the right hands, but I want to explore going my own… Read More

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HTML5 XPanel

At long last, Crestron has an updated XPanel that doesn’t rely on Adobe Flash! Unfortunately, there are some issues surrounding it regarding the licensing, but there is a free 60-day trial period that should hopefully get us through this series of posts!

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Contract Editor

The Contract Editor is a tool released by Crestron to put an end to arbitrary join numbers. Of course, there’s NO documentation, so figuring it out is left up to us!

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Create an HTML5 Layout

Earlier this year I experimented with Crestron’s HTML5 offering (dubbed CH5) and felt several pieces were lacking: Decent looking components Documentation Ability to test using an XPanel Now that we’re well past Masters 2021, my hopes of a clear understanding of the CH5 framework still… Read More