P201 Projector Exam

You can grab this short example from my GitHub repository at https://github.com/kielthecoder/Full-Crestron-Examples. This was the class project / final exam for the Intermediate Crestron Programming class (that turned into P201). Getting Started Create a new .NET Framework 4.7 project, add the Crestron NuGet packages, then slim everything down to the bare essentials. I get everything … Continue reading P201 Projector Exam

Crestron Drivers

I just finished watching all the videos for the C# for Crestron - Crestron Drivers online course and feel like I absorbed very little of it. The driver abstraction seems overly complicated, and the overall presentation of their videos is very dull. I like to contrast them with Q-SYS videos which are short and focused … Continue reading Crestron Drivers

ATEM Mini Pro

Blackmagic Design makes some cool production switchers that are reasonably priced and work great. They even distribute an SDK to control them from Windows or Mac programs. Controlling from Crestron is tougher, but not impossible. Some third-party products have sprung up to make it easier, too. In this post, I'm going to walk through how … Continue reading ATEM Mini Pro