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NetLinx: SNAPI

In this post, we’ll explore the Standard NetLinx API–or SNAPI, for short. This is one of those topics I didn’t fully embrace when I started programming AMX, but over time, I grew to appreciate the benefits of adhering to a standard. I’ve updated the touchpanel… Read More

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CWS: Part 4

This post is going to be the last one covering CWS (for now). We’ve created an API that lets us view the current system settings, now we just need a way to update them. In this part, I’ll go over how to take in and… Read More

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CWS: Part 2

In this part, I’m going to look at adding route handlers to our CWS server. I’ll continue adding to the program we wrote in CWS: Part 1, so grab those files from GitHub if you’d like to follow along.

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CWS: Part 1

One thing that always seems to come up during the C# labs at Masters is Crestron Web Scripting (CWS). I never think about adding this to my own projects, but it is a good way to provide some level of advanced configuration (or even remote… Read More

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VC-4: Websocket-Sharp

The first version of my web console bastardized the Control Concepts module. Since we’re targeting the VC-4, we have unrestricted access to standard libraries that fall outside the Crestron sandbox. In this part, I’ll swap out WebsocketServer.dll for a NuGet package containing a WebsocketServer class… Read More