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Baby escaping from sandbox
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HTML5 + 4-series

We’ve already run into a couple things we need to be mindful of when using HTML5 and 4-series processors (see HTML5 XPanel for details about licensing and authentication). In this post, my goal is to break away from 3-series sandboxes and SIMPL Windows, so that… Read More

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VC-4: Websocket-Sharp

The first version of my web console bastardized the Control Concepts module. Since we’re targeting the VC-4, we have unrestricted access to standard libraries that fall outside the Crestron sandbox. In this part, I’ll swap out WebsocketServer.dll for a NuGet package containing a WebsocketServer class… Read More

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VC-4: RHEL 8

The last time I wrote about VC-4, it was still based on Ubuntu 16.04. Crestron released an update around December 2020 that switched to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8. I cut my teeth on Red Hat Linux 5, and once we had faster DSL… Read More

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CP3 vs CP4

I wanted to see how much faster the CP4 is versus the CP3, so I wrote a small benchmark program to count prime numbers between 2 and some number. I’ve added a FINDPRIMES command to the console so I can test a few ways. Here… Read More

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