SIMPL Tricks: 4-series

If you’re starting to get into 4-series projects but you don’t have actual hardware to test with you can load SIMPL programs targeted for 4-series processors to a 3-series. I’d heard the reverse was true: a 3-series programs should run unmodified on a 4-series. But it looks like for testing purposes, you can also run 4-series SIMPL programs on a 3-series.

Of course, your program would need to be written such that it runs on a 3-series and a 4-series. This is different from the 2-series to 3-series transition where the architectures must have been wildly different.

One thought on “SIMPL Tricks: 4-series

  1. 2 Series Is Used C++,3 Series Used .Net Compact Framework 3.5 And 4 Series Use .Net Mono Framework, 4 Series’s Dll Can‘t Run in 3 Series,It’s Higher Than 3


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