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Does CH5 Need Webpack?

In the last post, I messed around with Webpack a little. Webpack is a tool that solves an inherent problem in JavaScript: modularity. Web developers have had to deal with finding ways to create large, complex applications using a language designed for quick, simple scripting.… Read More

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Short Take: ch5-cli

I’ve been messing around with CH5 and Vue.js but I sometimes forget how to use the command line utility. I try to make sure I add at least these two NPM scripts to my package.json file: Of course, you need to change IP address to… Read More

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CH5: My Thoughts

After converting one minimal layout to CH5, I should be an expert, right? I purposely waited a week so that time would temper my emotions a bit (I was a little frustrated by the end of the last post). I wouldn’t say I’m going to… Read More

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CH5: Getting Started

I haven’t thought about Crestron’s HTML5 since attending Virtual Masters last year. At the time, I was very eager to learn the next generation of UI development. My enthusiasm was squelched a bit when I realized: I needed a TSW-xx60 panel to test with (CH5… Read More